A little about Alena

As far back as I can remember, I have been interested in healthy living. My mom and I used to clip newspaper articles on nutrition, and we spent many hours volunteering at a food co-op, stocking bins with whole grains, dried beans, seeds, and nuts, as well as developing recipes and conducting cooking schools. I studied health science in college, completing a 4-year degree.

The accomplishments I am most proud of are that I am the wife of Christian speaker and writer, Jeff Wehr, and mother of two adult children, Nathan and Laura. We homeschooled for all of their pre-college education, and we homesteaded a piece of property in the Pacific Northwest. It was a great place to raise a family! We had gardens and a small orchard, dogs, cats, and a sledding hill in the winter. Every fall there were always plenty of apples, pears, and berries to can, freeze, dry, and share with friends. Days were filled with homeschool projects, music lessons, baking bread, and making meals.

With those days behind me, I want to share with you some of the skills I learned and continue to pursue today. There is nothing more rewarding than setting a meal on the table for your loved ones with food you have grown, preserved, or baked yourself. With a growing concern about the safety of our food supply, you will feel good serving food you know is delicious and nutritious.