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    The Prepared Homemaker


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    With the ever-growing concern over the safety of our food supply, more and more home makers are turning to growing, preserving, and making more of the food they feed their families. Yet many wonder, where do I start? Alena in her Prepared Homemaker journal has answered this question and many more with step-by-step instructions on home food preservation and bread baking. Included are charts on what kinds of apples are best for canning, approximate yields for vegetable and fruit preservation, and troubleshooting guides. There’s a place for recording plant hardiness zone and other factors that are important in planning your garden, harvest, and food preservation. Whether you purchase produce from your local farmers’ market or you harvest from your own garden, you’ll want to have a place to record what you’ve done from year to year. The section on bread baking includes recipes, charts, and information, as well as a troubleshooting guide. For the many who are gluten sensitive, there is information on a heritage wheat, Red Fife, that is considered by many as containing “safe gluten,” a gluten that has not been altered through plant breeding and other modern farming practices. You will want a beautiful Prepared Homemaker journal for yourself, and another to give as a gift.

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